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Mulhall’s, a family-owned business located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a leading provider to the green industry.  Established in 1957 by Irish immigrants John and Maureen Mulhall, Mulhall’s is a multi-faceted company comprised of three primary divisions:  Omaha’s favorite full service garden center located on 30 acres, an award winning landscape design and maintenance division, and an expansive growing operation that produces top quality, locally grown plant material.

Mulhall’s prides itself on providing the best value in nature –related goods and services in the Omaha area.  Experience for yourself the understated elegance of the expansive grounds of the garden center.  In addition to the core focus on plants instilled into the organization by its founders, enjoy the area’s finest selection of statuary and pottery, outdoor furnishings and home accents.  Witness the exquisite presentation of nature’s finest offerings of beauty, masterfully arranged by Mulhall’s floral team.

John Mulhall’s legendary focus on service lives on in Omaha’s most acclaimed landscape operation, serving the community with a talented and experienced group of the landscape professionals.  From design to installation to maintenance, either exterior or interior, Mulhall’s is a one stop shop of excellence.  By growing most of the plant material it sells, on over 100 acres, Mulhall’s assures its customers of hardy, acclimated plant material of the finest quality available.


John Mulhall was raised on a forty-acre farm in County Wicklow, Ireland.  During high school he gained employment at None-So-Hardy Nursery in the nearby town of Shillelagh.  A beautiful and well-run nursery, None-So-Hardy specialized in the propagation and cultivation of exotic and special plants.  John’s duties included helping in the grafting of shrubs and fruit trees and the cross-pollination of roses.   In 1947, after 5 ½ years at None-So-Hardy,  he became a horticulture student in Dublin, Ireland.  Following completion of those studies, he obtained the position of superintendent of the grounds of the U.S. embassy in Dublin.

Embassy holdings are extensive and occupy some of the most prestigious homes and gardens in the world.  The ambassador’s residence stands on 82 acres of gardens including one acre under glass which functions as a conservatory for the display of exotic plants for visiting dignitaries.

Maureen Leyden of Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Ireland, was the head cook of the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Dublin.  John and Maureen met during their employment at the embassy and were married in Dublin in September of 1952.  Shortly thereafter, Francis Matthews, the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland and a native of Omaha, Nebraska, encouraged John and Maureen to emigrate to America.

Following that advice, the Mulhall’s moved to Omaha in April of 1953.  John secured a job with the Omaha Parks Department.  Winters were spent propagating plants in greenhouses, summers laying out flower beds and plantings throughout the park system in Omaha.

In 1956 John was hired as the groundskeeper of Creighton University.  Then, in 1957 while  a full-time employee of Creighton, John began “Mulhall’s Landscaping and Lawn Service” working evenings and weekends with the aid of students working their way through school.  Maureen handled all the bookkeeping and secretarial tasks.

In 1966, the business was moved from the garage of the Mulhall family residence at 51st and Burt to a ¾ acre site at 69th and Blondo.   It was then moved to the present site in 1974.  Since that time, 150 additional acres of land in the nearby area have been put into nursery production.  Sons Sean and Dan share the responsibilities of managing the company.

roulette jeux regle

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