Past Event

The Cacti Show

Bizarre cacti, amazing succulents, specialty growers, and fellow plant collectors. Come join us for a day devoted to all things cacti (and their succulent cousins too).


9am – 4pm        Growers’ trunk show
9am – 10am      Plant show registration
10am – 2pm      Plant show
11am  – 12pm   Care & Propagation Seminar
11am – 2pm      Food from Taqueria La Fogata
11am – 2pm      Ice cream from Coneflower Creamery
1:30pm              Plant show prizes awarded

*All vendors accept cash only.

Seminar  |  11am

Learn from someone who’s been growing cacti and succulents for more than 35 years, providing rare plants for fellow collectors. Rita Auer from Crump Greenhouse in Buena Vista, Colorado will be here, sharing some of her best tips for successful care, repotting, and propagation of many cacti and other succulents.

Plant Show Contest

Bring something from home to show off in our cacti and succulent plant contest. The prizes will definitely be amazing…or ridiculous, maybe even amazingly ridiculous. The judges will have an astonishing wealth of cacti knowledge…or they might just think cacti are fun. Either way, we just want to see some of your favorites. And who knows, you might even win something.

Contest Rules

  1. An entry may be a single specimen or a combination of plants in a single container or arrangement
  2. Judging criteria will be left to each judge, with their interior dialogue revolving around the following:
    • degree of strangeness
    • overall plant health
    •  #plantvibes
    • level of induced plant envy
  3. Registration is 9am to 10am, and plants can be retrieved at 2:00pm
  4. As much as we may love your plants, we aren’t responsible for their well-being while they’re here


  • A coffee mug for each participant
  • Mulhall’s gift cards up to $100
  • When:

    June 24, 2017
    9:00 am–4:00 pm
  • Where:

    3615 N 120th Street, Omaha, NE 68164
  • RSVP:

    Just show up!