March 1, 2017
thumb-custom planters


April 29th | 10am + 2pm

This spring, we’re kicking off our new Do It Yourself seminar series! And we’re starting by showing how easy it is to add color to your doorstep or patio with your own custom planters.

Custom Potting Designer, Jenny Beukenhorst will demonstrate using two designs – one for sun and one for shade. In the demonstration, she’ll share the best tips and techniques for building and caring for your planters so they’ll thrive throughout the summer. She’ll explain what soil is needed and why that matters, how to select your plants, and how to properly water, fertilize, and trim your plants.

If you’re ready to find out how fun custom planters can be, give us a quick call at 402-496-0700 to let us know you’ll be here. Bring a friend and your questions too!