About Us

Our Brand Philosophy

We’re a strangely diverse group of people, all bound together by something even bigger than selling plants: our passion for sharing the beautiful, the natural, and the authentic.

  • Beautiful

    We celebrate our ability to participate in the beautiful and its capacity to inspire.

  • Natural

    We find inspiration in the unrivaled beauty of the natural world and advocate its place in our built environment.

  • Authentic

    We proudly share our passion and embrace who we are: local, ethical, imperfect, and real.

Cultivating the Beautiful for More Than 60 Years

What started as one man’s captivation with the world of horticulture has since grown to a whole lot of plant-minded people, all working together to engage the community and share our passion for the beauty of the natural world.

Where It All Began

As a teenager in Wicklow, Ireland in the 1930’s, John Mulhall (left) worked on a peat farm and at a nearby specialty nursery where he learned to graft fruit trees and cross-pollinate roses.

20 Years Later

Shortly after immigrating to the US, John and his wife, Maureen, opened Mulhall’s Landscaping & Lawn Service, operating the business out of their garage at 69th and Blondo.

Mulhall’s Today

Three generations later, we’re still committed to making Omaha a more beautiful place to live. And we’re now a team of a few hundred people – real people whose lives revolve around helping our community embrace the dense, natural beauty of this place we call home.