January 11 // Home

Fresh Pottery – an Easy Way to Update Your Space

January is here, and with the New Year comes the sudden inspiration to refresh and renew all corners of our lives – cleaning out closets and spare bedrooms, replacing older fixtures, or even repainting rooms. But you might be surprised by the impact you can make just by adding a new plant to your space too – or giving your existing plants an updated look with a new container.

Here in the greenhouse, we’ve got some new favorite containers with this year’s exciting collection of indoor pottery. Whether you’re adding a new plant or just wanting to freshen up your current collection, our beautiful white pottery is a perfect addition for any space. Their clean color and simple shape really brighten up a room and highlight the colors and textures of the plants they hold.

Jasmine Osten, the member of our team who brings in our collection of tropical plants and indoor pots has brought in an exciting selection of other decorative containers too. They come in all sizes – from large floor pots to hold those big statement plants down to the smaller tabletop versions as well. Among the many shapes and sizes, you’ll find pots made of several different materials too, including terra cotta, glazed ceramic, cement, wood, and sturdy, light-weight plastic. You’ll also see several colors – with black, white, and brown making up a bulk of the collection. These clean neutrals are the most highly sought-after in the group. As Jasmine points out, almost every home has some amount of brown present, whether it’s in the furniture, the countertops, or the trim. So, brown pottery fits effortlessly almost everywhere. Brown shades also remind us of natural elements like bark, stems, and soil, so they’re a perfect complement to any plant that makes a home inside the pot. Regardless of the color you choose, shopping for the perfect pot is easy too – we have them all sorted out by color.

As you’re looking at our collection in the greenhouse, you’ll notice that some of our pots have drain holes and some do not. Plant parents know that good drainage is vitally important to the health of their houseplants, and at first it may seem like a pot without a drain hole isn’t a good choice. It’s true that in most cases, you shouldn’t transplant a plant directly into a pot that has no drainage. Most plants are sensitive to standing in water for long periods, and doing so can lead to root rot. Placing rocks in the bottom of the pot isn’t a solution either – the rocks just raise the bottom of the pot to a higher level. But, don’t be afraid to purchase a pot without a drain hole – these can often be the better choice for both you and your plant. Simply keep your plant in its original plastic pot with its drain holes, and for display, slip the plastic pot into your decorative pot that has no holes. When it’s time to water your plant, lift it out of the decorative pot and place it in the sink to water it thoroughly. If you do this in the morning before you head off to work, your plant will be completely drained and ready to return to its decorative container when you get home. Your plant will be properly watered, and you won’t need to worry about acquiring attractive drain trays, emptying excess water from them, or discovering the mess they make when they overflow onto your hardwood floors.

With our collection of indoor pottery, it’s easy to give your plants a fresh new look for your space. And if you want to add a big statement with a new plant too, check out our post from earlier this week when we covered some of our favorite statement plants for the home.