Locally Grown in the Omaha Metro

For three generations, we’ve been perfecting the practice of growing plants for our Midwestern landscape. It’s our passion. And we’re dedicated to sharing that passion through our farm’s collection of the plants we really believe in – plants grown to ensure your success here in Omaha and the areas around.

A Legacy of Growing

When John Mulhall learned to propagate plants as a teenager in the 1930’s, he couldn’t have known that his passion for horticulture would eventually lead to all of this. But nearly ninety years later, here we are – a whole team of people dedicated to sharing that same passion and growing the highest quality plants for Omaha and its surrounding communities.

Plants Grown for Omaha

With a few farms around the Omaha area, our growing team works hard to cultivate a diverse palette of trusted plants. And we’ve invested in perfecting our growing practices over the years – using larger containers to establish strong root systems and maintaining the healthy, natural growth of our landscape plants – to make you and your garden successful.